Behind-the-Scenes Dudley Do-Right is film for audiences of all ages. A slice of nostalgia for the baby-boomers and a rollicking ride complete with action, adventure-and lots of humor, for the kids.

For writer/director Hugh Wilson, the desire to bring the timeless character of Dudley to life began with a love for the television cartoon series that made him laugh most as a kid.

"Rocky and Bullwinkle and Dudley were so much funnier than the other stuff I was watching on Saturday mornings," says Wilson. "It was like they were working on two levels-one for the kids and one for the adults. There was no dumbing down and there was no condescension, and I think that's why people liked them so much."

Like the cartoon, a comical bass-toned narrator leads us through the story in a style similar to the hip, finger-in-his-ear announcer of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. As he dramatically states the obvious, he tosses in sarcastic quips of his own to spice things up.

Fraser says he accepted the role of Do-Right, a character whom Wilson laughingly refers to as "passionately stupid," because he loved the script. The star who first wooed audiences with his comedic performance in George of the Jungle and solidified his stature as a bonafide star with this summer's blockbuster hit The Mummy, is a natural for the part of Dudley. More than just an actor with universal appeal, his ability to play deadpan funny and yet remain charmingly sincere at the same time are a rarity.

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