Main Characters In 1997, Brendan Fraser drove audiences wild as the bumbling, vine-swinging title character in George of the Jungle, the smash hit movie based on the classic animated characters created by Jay Ward. And now, fresh off the success of this summer’s blockbuster The Mummy, Fraser is back as another beloved—yet still accident prone—Jay Ward hero in Universal Pictures’ live-action comedy, Dudley Do-Right.

Set in the Canadian Rockies community of Semi-Happy Valley where nothing ever happens, Dudley Do-Right follows the hilarious exploits of the dedicated but hapless young Mountie. Playing Dudley’s ladylove, Nell Fenwick, is Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City). Unlike the helpless victim tied to the railway tracks depicted in the cartoon, this Nell has seen the world and settled down in Seattle, but still remains confused about her relationships with men.

Main Characters The evil Snidely Whiplash, played by Alfred Molina (Boogie Nights), is more dastardly than ever. He is out to rule the world, or at least one sleepy little part of it, and devises the scam of the century; after convincing Dudley that vampires lurk in the woods, he "salts" the local streams with gold, setting off the biggest gold rush since the Klondike. Leading the charge for gold is The Prospector (Monty Python’s Eric Idle), an unsuspecting oaf who is swept into the limelight by Snidely.

As thousands of millionaire wannabe’s storm the border, streaming into a town that has since been named Whiplash City, Dudley is fired by Nell’s dad, Inspector Fenwick, Robert Prosky (Mrs. Doubtfire).

Stripped of his badge, his office, and his gal, the usually sweet, naïve Dudley is ready to "kick some serious butt." He becomes a masked man on a mission, setting out on his motorcycle to defeat the villain, win the heart of the fair maiden and bring peace back to Semi-Happy Valley…..Hopefully, he won’t screw it up. Main Characters

Universal Pictures presents a Davis Entertainment/Joseph Singer Entertainment Company Production, Dudley Do-Right, starring Brendan Fraser and Sarah Jessica Parker. Alfred Molina, Eric Idle, Robert Prosky and Alex Rocco also star. Based on the cartoon characters developed by Jay Ward, the film is written, directed and executive produced by Hugh Wilson (The First Wives Club). The producers are John Davis, Joseph M. Singer and J. Todd Harris.

Donald E. Thorin (Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls) serves as the director of photography with Don Brochu (The Fugitive) as editor. The production designer is Bob Ziembicki (Scream 2). Lisa Jensen (George of the Jungle) serves as the costume designer and Steve Dorff (Blast From The Past) is the composer.

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